Surgical Scar Removal Treatment

Although a surgical scar is not exactly an attractive memento of a surgical procedure, it is the body’s natural response to trauma and damage, and they are, well – necessary.

Surgical scar treatment is recommended, however finding the best treatment for surgical scars in your area can be a difficult task. This is why we at TI Body Solutions offer best surgery scar treatment in Scottsdale.

Surgical Scar Removal Treatment

What are Surgical Scars?

Surgical scars occur naturally when fibrous tissues form to bind an open wound together. Some scars tend to fade and disappear, which is typically the case with small wounds and when proper scar treatment is followed after surgery. However, if a wound is simply too large or if the deeper layers of the skin are damaged, the scar may not naturally fade.

Different people develop different types of scar tissue after the surgery, and this is mainly based on genetics. Certain people will have raised (also known as hypertrophic) scars, whereas others may develop those lumpy, red (sometimes even purple) scars.

Although scars tend to fade over time, there are certain procedures and treatments out there that can speed up the healing process and reduce surgical scars. While some treatments are able to remove surgical scars completely.

Best Surgery Scar Treatment

Are Stretch Marks Permanent?

Even though most stretch marks tend to fade over time, some may never disappear altogether. Numerous factors can determine whether they’ll stick around forever, how big and drastic they’ll be and so on. Some of these factors include:

  • A family member has them.
  • Prone to losing weight quickly.
  • Prone to gaining weight quickly.
  • Growth in height during puberty.

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