Circumference Reduction

We all know how difficult and challenging trimming your figure can really be, especially if we are talking about the waist. Genetics, bad habits, unhealthy food, insufficient exercise, and age can take their toll on your body and affect the way you look.

Over time, your metabolism slows down drastically making your organism store more food than it really needs. This is why, as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight and get rid of that unwanted fat around the waist.

Of course, proper diet and frequent exercise can be crucial factors in keeping a healthy figure, but the problem is that these don’t exactly target specific parts of the body. This is why we at TI Body Solutions offer effective waistline reduction methods to all our Scottsdale customers who are looking for a long-term solution when it comes to sculpting their figure.

What Leads To Wider Waists And Excess Fat

The following factors are associated with excess fat and cellulite:

  • lack of exercise
  • fatty/starchy foods
  • sitting in a single position for long periods of time
  • stress
  • smoking…

Best Waist Reduction Treatments

Fortunately, there are some new clinically proven, non-invasive circumference reduction technologies that are able to provide effective and painless treatment sessions that target the fat in your waist area.

TI Body Solutions offers quick yet long-term, safe, and effective procedures to reduce unwanted body fat, and the results can be visible after only one session.

Our CoolSculpting technique is the FDA-approved, non-invasive fat reduction and elimination treatment that uses precisely controlled cooling to target the fat cells in the body. This method is based on the fact that fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the tissue surrounding it, which is why our special cooling system is able to crystallize the unwanted fat cells in your body, after which they simply die off. Your body later eliminates them naturally, providing you with a slimmer waist and the beach body you always wanted.

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